JAC Designs - faq


How much do the paintings cost?

How much will it cost

We do not put prices on the web page because all the art work is painted to order so no two pictures are the same. The pricing of a picture is normally based on the complexity of the art work although we do have a general pricing guide to give you a rough idea of the cost of your picture.

How do I order one?

how do I order a picture

Either phone me on 01444 454406 or email me on info@jacameron.co.uk to discuss what you would like to have in your painting or fill in the interest form on the Contact Us page and we will phone you back. We will then go through what you would like in your painting and give you an indication of cost.

What can I have in the paintings?

what can i have?

You can have anything you like in the painting. If it is something Jane-Ann has not painted before there is always Google! If you would like something personal like a family pet then we would ask you to send us a photo to work from.

How big will the pictures be?

How big will it be?

As all the pictures are bespoke there is not a standard size for each picture but as a guide the biggest pictures tend to be the illustrated names. One of these would be about 26cm by 19cm which includes the mount. All of our pictures come mounted. Jane-Ann tries as much as possible to paint using stadard size mounts so that the pictcures can be easily framed. Most of the initials tend to be A4 size.

Do you do paintings for adults?

paintings for adults

Yes we do. We are finding more and more that people are asking us to paint pictures for weddings, anniversaries, special birthdays (40th, 50th, 60th and even a 90th to date.) The anniversary pictures make very special gifts because Jane-Ann is able to weave a picture around all the events in a person's life.

How long will it take?

How long will it take

If you have a deadline we will try to accommodate you, but ideally we need at least 3 months.